Just venting

Monday, March 06, 2006

First entry

Well here we go, blog number one. Hopefully this gets easier with time. At the moment I am ridiculously bored - hate sitting at home alone!! Can't even concentrate on desperate housewives... too many thoughts, too little action. Biggest thought of the moment I guess is "is it possible to be falling for someone you haven't met" I at the moment would like to think so. Have been chatting to this guy online for 3 months - have a little heart attack each time his name comes up on messenger!! Anyway he's going OS for 6 months - do I meet him before and end up fixated on him, while he probably doesn't give me a second thought. Or do I not, and continue as is and hopefully meet him when he gets back (I'm liking the second option, and as retarded as it sounds it gives me a whole lot of time to dazzle him... yes it means dieting etc etc) stupid I know considering he's seen pics of me etc!! But that's me - everytime there's a boy my first thought is... just wait until I'm thinner! Wow that's kinda messed up!!

Anyway I guess that was blog one...

Still bored - still not sure what to do while my flatmate is out, sad sad sad